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Central Virginia (434) 316-0078
Southern Virginia (434) 836-6151

SSVA would like to welcome aboard our Newest Team Members!

Our New DSPs

Shalis Brown, Hampton Roads
La’Tifah Ellis, Lynchburg
Kamilla Flowers, Hampton Roads
Jonathan Hart, Danville
Denise Hayter, Hampton Roads
Sophilia Hubbard, Lynchburg
April Hughes, Lynchburg
Sherita Jennings, Danville
Sadie Kelly, Hampton Roads
Keri Murphy, Lynchburg
Pamela Saunders, Lynchburg
Carol Singleton, Lynchburg
Skylyr Spinner, Lynchburg
Rhonda Steele, Lynchburg
Latrice Thomas, Lynchburg
Sasha Thomas, Hampton Roads
Bryant Waddler, Hampton Roads
Alexandra Williams, Hampton Roads

Our New SSC

Melissa Johnson, Lynchburg

This is only one of the reasons that I love this company so much. YOU GIVE BACK and appreciate what we do to make SSVA one of the Greatest companies around today. I am so honored to be a part of Something so great.

Thank you for the opportunity, Renee