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Serenity House

Coastal Virginia

Address: Virginia Beach

Vacancies: 1

Location: Coastal Virginia

This 4 bedroom Virginia Beach guys’ house has one bed room open for a man who is a home body, likes to be out and about, or anything in between.  The 3 diverse gentlemen currently living the home tend to be fairly active and involved in their community.   One of the gentlemen really enjoys going to concerts at local venues while another one prefers more quiet, less crowded outings.  Either way, they like to stay busy when both at and away from home.

The home has staff available 24 hours a day – allowing for flexible and unique work, day support, and activity schedules.

Support team at the home have extensive training and experience supporting individuals with complex behavioral needs, mental health issues, and autism.

For More Information on this vacancy, call (757) 497-6111