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You can contact your legislator regarding the  Legislative Agenda for 2020 which can strengthen the community-based services to meet the existing and future critical needs of all Virginians with disabilities. 

To download the documents with additional information, click the links below. 

vaACCSES Budget Amendments       


Budget Subcommittees on Health & Human Resources (HHR) 2020

  1. PROMOTE provider rates based on service definitions, living wages for direct service professionals, and regional market-based costs that are refreshed annually utilizing the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 75% percentile wage data and other relevant independent data and rebased on a four-year cycle beginning in 2022 to ensure statewide access to quality supports for individuals with disabilities in accordance with the U.S. Department of Justice Settlement Agreement. Ensure any increase in the minimum wage is reflected in increases in waiver provider rates. (DBHDS Provider Issues Resolution Workgroup (PIRW) Recommendation, September 2018)


  1. PROMOTE policy and influence action to reduce over-regulation and unfunded mandates that create unnecessary operational burden on community-based providers of services that do not add value to the individual with disability served. Support full implementation of recommendations by the DBHDS Provider Issues Resolution Workgroup (PIRW).


  1. PROMOTE Jobs and Employment Supports for ALL Virginians


Jobs are a priority in Virginia.  Jobs for Virginians with disabilities must also be a priority.  But, 75% of Virginians with disabilities are without jobs.  Like ALL Virginians – they want the opportunity to work, to earn wages, to purchase goods and services in their communities, and to become self-supporting tax payers. 


  • PROMOTE annual cost-of-living increase for Employment Services Organizations (ESOs) linked to any COLA increase provided by the Social Security Administration in order to provide quality employment supports.
  • PROMOTE policy that eliminates disincentives to employment for Virginians with disabilities.
  • SUPPORT state procurement policies and opportunities that increase equal opportunity and employment for Virginians with disabilities.
    • Fully implement SB 652/McPike (Chapter 681, 2018) to review all procurement policies to increase the employment of Virginians with disabilities.
    • Fully implement SB1530 (Chapter 371, 2017) and HB2425 (Chapter 358, 2017) to increase employment of Virginians with disabilities within state government and through its state contracts by five percent (5%) by 2023.
  • ENSURE that a full continuum and array of employment options are available to all individuals with disabilities and other individuals with other barriers to employment consistent with the basic principle of informed choice included in the ADA and the Olmstead decision.

4. SUPPORT full funding for the Priority 1 urgent waiting list by 2022 to address the DD Waiver waiting list crisis. Individuals in Priority 1 have been assessed as needing immediate services.

 For more information contact Karen Tefelski, Executive Director, or 703/200-7660