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Support Services of Virginia’s Mentor Program is an awesome addition to our company. Mentors are paired with new hires and act as role models, helping the new hire to develop relationships with people supported, co-workers and coordinators for the first 3 months of their employment. Mentors are coaches! By sharing experiences, skills and knowledge they enhance the skills and abilities of their co-workers, strengthening our team.

Being a Mentor at SSVA, puts you on a path to leadership. Mentors are advocates for their co-workers. They provide resources, help with finding answers when unsure, listen, provide feedback, make suggestions and help guide them on their path to professional development.

Our mentors help others realize their success at SSVA!

This is only one of the reasons that I love this company so much. YOU GIVE BACK and appreciate
what we do to make SSVA one of the Greatest companies around today.
I am so honored to be a part of Something so great.

Thank you for the opportunity, Renee