The goal of the program is to recognize SSVA team members who are living examples of SSVA’s Core Values.

The foundation of the SSVA Community is our 10 Core Values:

  1. Promoting a positive and peaceful world.
  2. Enhancement of the quality of life for all.
  3. Person centered planning and thinking in all decisions.
  4. Maintaining a positive outlook, attitude, and solution focused perspective.
  5. Kindness, generosity, and lending a helping hand – a family like atmosphere.
  6. Open, direct, honest, and timely communication
  7. Respecting and embracing diversity and difference of opinion.
  8. Safe working and living environments – taking care of the world around us.
  9. Flexibility and creativity.
  10. Having fun!


Hampton Roads Impression Winner

Mechal Burton recognized by Katherine Marinier for being Your Best on 08/13/2018  

Your Best  I have enjoyed watching you grow in your position as a DSP. You have come so far since your first shift at serenity and have become the staff many look up too. You show a true passion for your job and use each shift as a chance to learn more. Their success has become your own and your positive interactions with them keep them positive. Thank you for always doing your best. You are a valuable part of this team!


Lynchburg Impression Winner

Jordin Rogers recognized by Karen Buxton for Solution Focus on 08/10/2018

Solution Focus  You embrace change and focus on solutions. You joined this team almost a year ago and made a huge impact on all of us in Lynchburg. You step up whenever we need you and focus on the solutions. You bring new ideas and energy to the team and work hard for SSVA. Thanks for being you!


Danville Impression Winner

Kelley Hairston recognized by Tiffaney Dixon for being Your Best on 08/18/2018  

Your Best – You really do your best – and it is the best! Thanks for always being there to help when I call.


Thank you all for the effort you’re making to live out SSVA’s core values!