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Central Virginia (434) 316-0078
Southern Virginia (434) 836-6151

SSVA Birthdays


Join us in wishing these SSVA team members a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Britney Ladson12/4
George Massie12/4
Debra Dear12/5
Emma Dixon12/6
Ginger Lovell12/7
Reva Padu12/9
Dana Read12/10
Shelia Wilson12/10
Aquasi Audain12/11
Beth Warren12/12
Tanalea Kanode12/13
Yanilex Rodriquez12/13
Richard Ward12/14
DeAndra Lewis12/15
Joy Rogers 12/18
Esther Faison12/19
Maxine Younger12/20
Melissa Johnson12/22
Gaydeline Paskewic  12/23
Christal Bullock12/25
Valerie Johnson12/25
Mary Richardson12/27
Glen Kanode12/29
Anne-Marie Talley12/29


SSVA Anniversaries

Join us in celebrating these team members’ commitment to SSVA and helping others realize their success!

Jeffrey Sines 18 years
Beatrice Smith 12 years
Betty Sutherland    7 years
Deloris Tucker    3 years
Douglas Wrbanich   3 years
Cynthia Elder 2 years
Rachelle Chappell 1 year
Phenon Reese 1 year
Jeffry Roberson    1 year


This is only one of the reasons that I love this company so much. YOU GIVE BACK and appreciate what we do to make SSVA one of the Greatest companies around today. I am so honored to be a part of Something so great.

Thank you for the opportunity, Renee