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Behavioral Consult

Over 75% of all communication is nonverbal. For people with intellectual or developmental disabilities this percentage is often even higher. According to Micheal Smull, over 80% of this communication is a critique of the environment.

Behavioral Consultation Services are designed to assist people who have developed means of communicating that can be challenging and at times dangerous. Support Services of Virginia’s Endorsed Positive Behavioral Support Facilitators conduct functional assessments of behavior to discover what is being communicated. Using this information, Positive Behavioral Support Plans are developed to assist support teams with modifying the environment to decrease discomfort while assisting the individual with learning alternate, more adaptive means of communicating.

All Support Plans are based on Person Centered Thinking and Positive Practices.

SSVA’s behavioral consultants, Andie Plumley and Paula Traverse-Charlton, are both endorsed in Virginia as Positive Behavioral Support Facilitators. Together they bring over 50 years of education and experience in working with individuals who use challenging behaviors. Services are offered in Coastal Virginia, the Eastern Shore, Central Virginia and Southside Virginia.

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