Join us in congratulating Patsy Hobbs on her QIDP certification!

Jennifer Ansley, Patsy’s supervisor and mentor had this to say about Patsy. 

Patsy has consistently proven herself an invaluable member of our team at Support Services of Virginia. Her fierce dedication to the individuals that we support jump started her on the track to leadership five years ago. She worked tirelessly as a DSP, an ASC, a SC, and a SSC. Her work ethic is impeccable. She is the only person that has completed the five-year track to become a QIDP here at Support Services of Virginia. Her adaptability and exuberance have aided in her success. She takes feedback well, and she is always looking to learn the next new thing. She takes initiative when new projects come up. Our skill sets perfectly balance each other, and there are days that go by that I think I couldn’t possibly be as successful as I am without her.



Read Patsy’s story about becoming a QIDP below.
A QIDP is a staff who is defined as being responsible for integrating, coordinating and monitoring each client’s active treatment. This may sound simple in definition however it is a very challenging, emotional and rewarding position. 

I have been working with intellectually disabled people for 5 years in both the roles of direct support and creating plans. Each person is unique in their social, physical and mental health needs. In assisting people with their treatments, I have been able to appreciate their struggles of being heard, physical limitations, mental and health problems as well as the walls of discrimination of their diagnosis from medical and psychiatric professionals, family members, and society.

I have come to understand that the people we support are mainly struggling to be heard and want to live a positive, peaceful and successful life. Whether they are trying to express discomfort or anxiety, they just want to know there’s a person who cares. Someone to assist them in creating a successful better quality of life just for them.

The best part of my position is being part of the changes in the lives of the people I support. To see their expression for the first time when they have an advocate on their side for their choices is priceless. It is incredibly satisfying when a person shines and gleams with excitement once they accomplish even the smallest improvement in their situation. Watching a person who is scared and insecure grow into someone who obtains confidence and security in their eyes is a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

I wouldn’t change that feeling for the world.