POSITION SUMMARY: SSVA continuously recruits new sponsor providers who want to open their homes to one or two adult individuals receiving services. Our sponsors are committed to helping others become active members of the community in a natural setting. You will be joining a team that enthusiastically advocates for a positive and person-centered environment that results in successful experiences for all.

Top Outcomes

Commitment to SSVA Core Values: You are an ambassador for SSVA’s Core Values. You personally identify with them and your behavior is reflective – it is your way of being. You use positive practices at all times when supporting others, with team members and people in the community, and in all situations in which you represent SSVA.

Proficiency in DSP Core Competencies: You demonstrate person-centered skills, values and attitudes. You understand and follow service requirements. You demonstrate abilities that improve or maintain the health and wellness of those you support.

Documentation: You generate documentation that is accurate and in accordance with Individual Support Plans and oversight requirements. You capture information that is vital for the development and evaluation of Individual Service Plans – guides to helping others realize success .

Accountability and Integrity: You provide support in an independent setting, so personal commitment to reliability and assumption of all responsibilities inherent in maintaining a small business are key. You are knowledgeable about SSVA’s policies and procedures and conform to them. You are able to recognize the distinction between functioning as a family and running a business.


The Process

Becoming a sponsor with SSVA generally takes from 3-6 months, although some folks are able to complete all of the requirements more quickly.

The process to become a sponsor requires substantial effort and a willingness to make private information available to state agencies. Support Services of Virginia prides itself on meeting required standards and expects our sponsors to share that commitment.

There are some elements of the process related to the sponsor themselves and others related to state requirements. Some of these include completing trainings, achieving certifications, submitting required documentation, undergoing a criminal background check, demonstrating financial responsibility, and submitting to home preparation and inspection by state representatives before approval.

Becoming a sponsor means that you will be opening a small business as a sub-contractor with SSVA; sponsors are not employees. This role requires an exceptional level of personal responsibility, yet it can provide opportunities for greater self-determination and chances to share your own joys and interests. Sponsors are responsible for all aspects of the individual’s support needs.

Who We ARe Looking For

SSVA is happy to contract with individuals, couples, partners or family groups (mother/daughter, etc). However, we prefer sponsor families who do not have any children younger than 12 years old.

It is possible for a relative of someone eligible for sponsored services to become a sponsor for them. However, there are stricter guidelines for qualifying than for those who sponsor non-related individuals.

Sponsors must be 21 or older and have a HS diploma or GED. Although there is no set upper age limit, sponsors should be people who are physically active on a regular basis.

Sponsor candidates must have at least 6 months experience (career or life experience) working with individuals with Intellectual Disabilities – preferably adults. If you do not meet this requirement, we may be able to offer you options to work as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) in one of our other programs to gain the experience. Sponsors should be comfortable functioning in an electronic environment and have strong writing skills.

There is a very diverse population of individuals who are looking for homes, so the sponsor’s interests and any special skills (like being an RN) can be a bonus for placement. We strive to carefully match sponsors with individuals according to similarities and avoid pairing folks just to have a placement. SSVA celebrates diversity and encourages non-traditional partnerships as an option.

Sponsor candidates should be ready to accept folks into their home who may have multiple “diagnoses” and will rely on you for special help and consideration. Some of the individuals currently looking for placement use “challenging” behaviors to communicate or have serious medical support needs. Support Services of Virginia employs 3 Positive Behavior Support Facilitators to provide guidance and support in this area.

Sponsors should recognize that this role requires intense and prolonged commitment. We expect that single, head of household sponsors will not maintain a separate, full time job outside the home. Part time jobs, volunteer positions, and home-based businesses (as long as the business is flexible) are encouraged.

Work Conditions

Sponsors work in a changing environment that adjusts to the needs of the individuals receiving services. The environment may be fast-paced with interruptions, distractions and deadlines. Sponsors should be flexible and be able to adjust to changing needs or activities.

Depending on the needs of the individuals, the work can be physically demanding including transferring or supporting people with mobility needs, lifting or moving items up to 50 lbs, walking or standing for extended periods of time or providing support through CPR/First Aid, behavioral support, and other interventions.

Team Member Benefits

  • Free training/certifications provided directly to sponsor
  • Bonus system that rewards excellence
    Payments equivalent to other providers
  • All electronic records
  • Well respected/connected company – strong referral stream
  • Company leadership actively involved in state policy making and implementation
  • Open, advanced communication about upcoming changes in the system
  • Support to develop and maintain your proficiency
  • 24 hours On-Call support as needed
    Strong group of connected sponsors to rely on for assistance

Start The Application Process

    This is only one of the reasons that I love this company so much. YOU GIVE BACK and appreciate
    what we do to make SSVA one of the Greatest companies around today.
    I am so honored to be a part of Something so great.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Renee

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