Site Coordinator (SC)

Support Services of Virginia, Inc. (SSVA) is looking for a   (SC) to join our team. As a QIDP, you will play a highly interactive and critical role in the lives of those receiving services from SSVA.

The ideal candidate is friendly and positive, open minded and flexible, and a strong advocate for others while possessing excellent organization, time management, and communication skills.  They possess a passion for helping others create their best lives – realizing success by helping others realize theirs!

Top Outcomes

Commitment to SSVA Core Values: You are an ambassador for SSVA’s Core Values. You personally identify with them and your behavior is reflective – it is your way of being. You use positive practices at all times when supporting others, with team members and people in the community, and in all situations in which you represent SSVA.

Proficiency in DSP Core Competencies: You demonstrate person-centered skills, values and attitudes. You understand and follow service requirements. You demonstrate abilities that improve or maintain the health and wellness of those you support.

Documentation: You generate documentation that is accurate and in accordance with Individual Support Plans and oversight requirements. You capture information that is vital for the development and evaluation of Individual Service Plans – guides to helping others realize success .

Accountability: You work your agreed upon schedule, attend site meetings, and maintain all required trainings. You are flexible and willing to help out when and where needed. You follow SSVA time off guidelines and remain knowledgeable of and adhere to SSVA’s policies and procedures.


Core responsibilities:

  • 32 hours direct support / up to 8 hours administrative time for meetings, medical appointments, training, paperwork, etc.
  • On call responsibilities (shared with SSC when indicated) for call-offs, OTC medication, and site or staff concerns.
  • Provides therapeutic support and training for individuals on a daily basis.
  • Uses Positive Practices to encourage progress toward individuals’ desired outcomes.
  • Acts as role model for Positive Practices in the workplace. Works with Program Coordinator to ensure site schedules are accurate, and sites have adequate and fully trained staff.
  • Trains new staff members and completes orientation forms for feedback to HR.
  • Assures that adequate supplies are on site for completion of documentation.
  • Responsible for ensuring weekly data sheets are complete, accurate, and submitted to QIDP in a timely manner for designated site.
  • Acts as advocate for individuals served at designated site (s).
  • First responder for crisis management at site or in the community.
  • Supervises and evaluates and acts as a resource for site staff.
  • Maintains site in accordance to licensure regulations, and SSVA QA, to include Medication, Documentation, and Health and Safety for designated site.
  • Completes and documents monthly QA and Fire Drill.
  • Tracks medical needs and schedules appointments as needed.  Runs critical appointments and coordinates staffing for routine appointments (residential only)
  • Maintains, tracks, orders, and picks up medication.
  • Operates site within budgetary guidelines and responsible for site petty cash, supplies, groceries, etc.
  • Coordinates processing, site specific trainings and facilitates site meetings – arrives on time and prepared for the topic.


Other Responsibilities:

  • Plans workload to ensure individuals support activities take precedence over all other job responsibilities, housekeeping, etc. Should be accomplished as cooperative work including individuals in the process.
  • Liaison to Program Coordinator and other members of the team.
  • Acts as a model for Positive Practices in the work place.
  • Functions as advocate for the individuals at site.
  • Completes assessments for new individuals during their first 60 days.
  • Participates actively in the team process to facilitate site function.
  • May be asked to work a direct support shift at another site during critical situations or cover for other SC’s when they are not available.


Required for this position:

  • Minimum of 6 months experience in SSVA’s programs (preferred) and a demonstrated ability to provide consistent, positive interaction with individuals and other team members.
  • First Aid/CPR trained and certified
  • Medication Management certified, and must maintain certification
  • Must have a current valid VA. Drivers License and able to use own vehicle when needed.
  • An acceptable point total on their DMV record submitted to H.R.
  • Demonstrated potential to learn Positive Practices
  • High School Diploma / GED


Preferred for this position:

  • Strong basic reading, writing and math skills.
  • Some advanced computer skills.
  • Bachelors Degree in Human Services related field.
  • QIDP (current or candidate).


  • Demonstrates interpersonal skills, which reflect a philosophy of tolerance, equality and acceptance of all people, focusing on the value of their contributions.
  • Able to encourage others to the highest quality of support by Using Positive Practices, gentle teaching, and celebrating gentle humor and laughter.
  • Willing to assume and learn new skills/roles as they are needed, enjoys new and challenging situations, calm even during chaotic or crisis situations.
  • An excellent ability to communicate verbally and in writing and time management skills.

Preferred for this position:

  • Comfortable with physical activity, including lifting, bending, running, walking and standing.
  • Ability to drive large (15 passenger) vans, Good knowledge of local area or strong map interpretation skills.
SSVA is an equal opportunity employer.

Work Conditions

DSPs work in a changing environment that adjusts to the needs of the individuals receiving services. The environment may be fast-paced with interruptions, distractions and deadlines. DSPs need to be flexible and be able to adjust to changing needs or activities.

Depending on the needs of the individuals, the work can be physically demanding including transferring or supporting people with mobility needs, lifting or moving items up to 50 lbs, walking or standing for extended periods of time or providing support through CPR/First Aid, behavioral support, and other interventions.

Team Member Benefits

SSVA offers a competitive benefits package for full-time employees including three medical plan options, health savings account (HSA) match, dental insurance, employee assistance program (EAP), life insurance, paid vacation and holidays, Dream Big program, Team thisABILITY and numerous other perks.

Pay wages range from $9.25 – $10.25. Combined, these benefits add up to over 30% increase over the base wage. For example, a full- time DSP making $9.25 per hour at SSVA is the equivalent of making $12.02 at a company without such robust benefits.

Start The Application Process

This is only one of the reasons that I love this company so much. YOU GIVE BACK and appreciate
what we do to make SSVA one of the Greatest companies around today.
I am so honored to be a part of Something so great.

Thank you for the opportunity, Renee

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