Are you looking for supports for yourself or an adult family member with a intellectual or developmental disability? To obtain additional information and have one of our staff contact you, please click on the link below.  

Our goal is to provide caring, professional and dependable support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disability to attain and maintain their maximum level of independence. We provide support with intellectual, emotional, social and physical functioning in the individual’s natural home and community.

Support Services of Virginia provides In-Home Services in Hampton Roads, Danville and Lynchburg areas. The goal of the In-Home service is to provide a safe residential option that offers the opportunity for the individual with intellectual and/or other disabilities to participate successfully in their home and community with the highest quality professional support and the least restriction. 

In-Home services are provided in the home or apartment of the individual receiving services. Although the Services being provided are covered by SSVA policy and Virginia regulations, the home environment is the responsibility of the individual or their family and is not covered by these same standards.  If needed SSVA will assist In-Home customers with meals preparation (sometimes with individual’s assistance) based on the preferences and dietary needs of the customer.  Traditionally, In-Home staff are eligible to transport individuals and use their personally owned vehicle to do so.  For some cases, In-Home staff may use SSVA company vehicles as well to for example, take customers to doctor’s appointments, pick up prescriptions and groceries, shopping, visiting family and friends and pursuing recreational and community inclusion activities. Depending on the needs of the individual’s supported, they may utilize SSVA’s after hour’s emergency on call weekdays from 4:30pm to 8:30am and 24 hours a day on weekends.

The staffing pattern in the In-Home service varies greatly depending on the needs of the customers being served.  The ratio is traditionally 1:1, but a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio may also be used when authorized.  Depending on the approved hours, staffing may be increased as needed to ensure safety, adequate skill building, and community participation.  The In-Home program is available during normal waking hours.  If an individual receiving In-Home supports also needs assistance during sleeping hours, SSVA may provide additional services such as Personal Assistance in conjunction with their In-Home plan.