Building a positive and peaceful world


Established by Kay Reed Mirick in 1994, Support Services of Virginia, Inc. (SSVA) is one of the oldest, privately owned Medicaid Waiver providers in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Kay Reed Mirick was a trailblazer in Person Centered Practices. She believed that people living with disabilities have the right to the lives of their choosing, supported by services designed specifically for them – a practice that continues to this day. Kay also developed Positive Practices, SSVA’s unique approach to support and leadership. 

Today, the team at Support Services of Virginia, Inc. continues to pioneer in the field of disabilities services. Since Kay’s death in 2005, Chip Dodd and Andie Plumley continue to navigate SSVA in fresh and innovative directions  with the help of their amazing team of professionals–all while remaining true to Kay’s vision.

She was never willing to stop rocking the boat. They’d kicked her out, and she’d get in another boat and rock that one. Finally,  she decided to build her own boat.

– Chip, about his mother Kay

CEo & President

Philip ‘Chip’ dodd

Chip, the oldest son of Kay Mirick, has been at the helm of SSVA  since 2005. He is a keen entrepreneur who has transitioned SSVA into a financially sound, technologically savvy company and one of the best service providers in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  He frequently says that his job is to keep the stadium open so team SSVA can play the game.  In addition to his leadership, Chip is a fun loving “outdoorsy” person with too many hobbies to count. Some of his favorites are adventure racing, boating, camping, skateboarding, wakeboarding, rock-climbing, new technology, mountain biking and scuba diving. Chip is  well respected among other professionals within the industry, having presented at many ID / DD focused conferences and serving on various boards and committees.  In addition he is an active member and has held various national and international positions in EO – Entrepreneur’s Organization.

Vice President

Andie Plumley

Andie, Kay’s protege, began her journey with SSVA in 2007.  An Air Force “Brat,” she completed her B.S. in Sociology from University of Maryl and and M.S in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma while living in Germany.  Andie is a licensed QMHP, a Certified Trauma Professional  an endorsed Positive Behavioral Supports Facilitator and a PCT Trainer.  Her clinical approach is holistic in nature, focusing on individual strengths and overall wellness.  She has a genuine caring for all people (and animals) and works tirelessly to help others live their best lives.  Andie assisted in the development of Positive Practices and is a champion of a more positive and peaceful world. She acts a role model and mentor to SSVA’s leaders, and was awarded the 2018 VNPP Leadership Award. In 2015, Andie  became a Registered Yoga Instructor. She has since completed over 300 hours of additional training focusing on specific population to include people impacted by cancer (Y4C), addiction (Y12SR), trauma (MYT) and autism (Ashrams for Autism).  She now leads Team ThisAbility Yoga offering several classes a weak.