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Our goal is to provide a safe residential option that offers the opportunity for the individual with intellectual disability and/or other disabilities to participate successfully in their home, work and community with the highest quality professional support and the least restriction. 

Support Services of Virginia currently has five group home sites in Virginia Beach and one group home in Danville. There are no more than four individuals receiving services at each site. Each individual has their own private room. There are at least two bathrooms in each home, spacious backyards, and many modern updates.

We have a rotating administrative on call for emergencies at night and on the weekends and all homes are no more than a ten minute drive from our administrative office. If you’re looking for a safe, caring, and fun environment that strives towards community integration, get in touch with us by filling out our contact form.

Group Home services are provided in a home or apartment with no more than 4 bedrooms.  It is preferred that there is only 1 individual per room unless the needs of the individuals require otherwise. Doors to individual bedrooms will be able to be secured by the individual when appropriate and individuals will be offered a key to the home’s main door.

Homes will abide by all licensure requirements.  All homes are provided with meals prepared by SSVA team members (sometimes with individual assistance) based on the preferences and dietary needs.  All homes are assigned a vehicle, unless it is appropriate to use a van for one or more sites located in close proximity.  Emergency on call will be available on weekdays from 4:30pm to 8:30am and 24 hours a day on weekends. 

The staffing pattern in the Group Home service varies greatly depending on the needs of the individuals being supported – however the ratio must be a minimum 1:4. Staffing may be increased as needed to ensure safety, adequate training, and community participation.  The Group Home program has overnight staff available to meet the general supervision needs of the residents.  SSVA only provides 1:1 staffing in the Group Home service in crisis situations or while participating in special activities or appointments. 

Our Group Homes in Virginia Beach

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