Spotlight on Jennifer Ansley

Congratulations on your promotion to Head of Group and In Home Services in Hampton Roads. It is well deserved and SSVA is fortunate that you have chosen to pursue a career with us! So let’s get to know a little more about you…


What drew you to SSVA at first and how has that changed?

Jennifer – What drew me to SSVA at first was that I was young, needed a job, and my sister
worked here.  It also seemed like it would be fun. I’m still drawn to SSVA because after ten
years it’s still fun, and there are so many opportunities to learn and advance. I also really enjoy
the flexible schedule and the people that I work with.

How has SSVA helped in your career development?

SSVA has given me many opportunities that would have been hard to obtain anywhere else. I
was promoted quickly after starting as a DSA. I was able to move through each subsequent
supervisory position and really learn what each one entailed. This has helped me immensely in
identifying with the staff that hold those positions now, and helping them to be more successful.
During my time here SSVA offered me the flexibility to complete my Associate’s in Business
Management and then my Bachelor’s in Human Services. SSVA also provided me the
opportunity to attend PBSF classes in Charlottesville, and I am now an endorsed Positive
Behavior Supports Facilitator.  SSVA is a company that is consistently ahead of the game when
it comes to changes in this field, and that helps us to learn new things before a lot of other

The thing that I find the most challenging at SSVA is when you are tasked to help someone, and
the rest of that person’s team from outside of the company is reluctant or unable to participate in
that person’s treatment plan. Sometimes it’s discouraging and disheartening. In those moments
I really have to remind myself that I can’t control anyone’s behavior but my own. I just do the
best that I can to provide the supports that are needed and to engage the rest of the team as
much as possible.

What are your proudest moments at SSVA?

My proudest moment at SSVA was when I was promoted to an Assistant Site Coordinator. I was
young, energetic, and ambitious. It was the moment that jump started my success here. In my
ten years here, I probably felt the most accomplished when I completed my endorsement to
become a PBSF.

How do you balance your career and personal lives?

I’ve always lived by a work hard, play harder philosophy. When I’m off I really just try to focus on
having fun. My wife is very understanding of the demands of the field because she is a RN.


What advice do you have for prospective SSVA candidates?

Always try to do your best, and always assume others are trying to do their best. Take
advantage of the opportunities that are offered and seek out others that might not be. Celebrate
the little victories, because they might not be so little to someone else. If you find yourself in a
situation that might not be your favorite, remember that everything in life is temporary. Have fun.


What’s on your bucket list?

I want to go to travel to so many places it would be impossible to list them all, but I definitely would like to make it to Ireland one day.


You are happiest when…

I am happiest when I get enough sleep, because it’s quite elusive most of the time.




Spotlight on Janice Porter

Congratulations on your promotion to Recruitment and Retention Specialist.

Janice Porter does not need a lot of introduction. She has been a part of the SSVA team for over a decade. She has played a very important part in helping SSVA become the most sought-after provider. Over the years, she has taken on several mission-critical roles, and she is most recognized by customers and staff alike, for her genuine zeal for person-centered service, positive outlook, dedication to SSVA mission and a warm disposition that is undoubtedly contagious.

Janice has now transitioned into yet another important position at SSVA as a Retention and Recruitment Specialist. Her aim is to assist the human resources department and program supervisors to recruit qualified and committed men and women to join our mission in making a positive and peaceful world for the people we serve.

From a retention standpoint, Janice is also a wonderful asset in fostering a sense of community among our staff through various marketing strategies, internal events, and appreciation programs. Janice is the liaison with our external marketing team, and collaboratively they focus on bringing SSVA Mission and Core Values to life across the company and within the community.

Janice will be responsible for managing, organizing and implementing SSVA events such as Kay Day and DSP week, serve as a POC internally for submission of employee-related announcements, milestones, accomplishments, vacancies, oversee company SWAG inventory, participate in external marketing events, maintain the bulletin board in the Admin office, and much more.

If you have announcements, stories of encouragement, photos, or any other creative ideas to help SSVA define its brand in the community and assist in appreciating our staff for the important role they play every day- please reach out to the new Recruitment and Retention Specialist.

Let us welcome Janice and offer our support and collaboration, as she ventures into a new path at SSVA.