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About SSVA

Established by Kay Reed Mirick in 1994, Support Services of Virginia, Inc. (SSVA) is one of the oldest, privately owned Medicaid Waiver providers in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Kay Reed Mirick was a trailblazer in Person Centered Practices. She believed that people living with disabilities have the right to the lives of their choosing, supported by services designed specifically for them – a practice that continues to this day. Kay also developed Positive Practices, SSVA’s unique approach to support and leadership. 

Today, the team at Support Services of Virginia, Inc. continues to pioneer in the field of disabilities services. Since Kay’s death in 2005, Chip Dodd and Andie Plumley continue to navigate SSVA in fresh and innovative directions  with the help of their amazing team of professionals–all while remaining true to Kay’s vision.

Mission:  Realize success by helping others realize theirs

Vision:  A positive and peaceful world for all

Core Values:

  • Always do your best
  • Be positive and peaceful
  • Use person centered thinking
  • Embrace change and focus on solutions
  • Be kind and humble
  • Use communication to build positive relationships
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Do more with less
  • Be creative and adventurous
  • Have fun


Our History

Kay Reed Mirick founded SSVA on September 6, 1994 with a unique vision – if we use Positive Practices when providing services to individuals with disabilities it is possible for people to live meaningful and peaceful lives in the community. Today we celebrate Kay’s vision by improving our corner of the world, encouraging fun and laughter, and always turning negatives into positives.

SSVA is a unique group of Professionals who have come together for a common purpose – to realize success by helping others realize theirs! We come from a wide variety of educational, experiential and cultural backgrounds and celebrate our diversity! SSVA fosters a climate of positive energy – although we are dedicated to our profession we are also committed to ensuring that everyone feels welcomed, valued, and a part of our community.

After a long and valiant fight, Kay passed away from ovarian cancer in July of 2005. As she requested, her son, Philip “Chip” Dodd and protégé, Andie Plumley, stepped up to carry on her vision. Under their leadership, SSVA continues to provide top-notch services and plays an active role supporting the individuals to which Kay devoted her life.

The SSVA team is proud to serve our communities in Coastal Virginia, the Eastern Shore and Lynchburg, Virginia. Honoring Kay’s legacy, our team always utilizes positive practices techniques when interacting with other employees, customers and community members.

We at SSVA consider ourselves equals, regardless of title, background, ability or culture.

This is only one of the reasons that I love this company so much. YOU GIVE BACK and appreciate
what we do to make SSVA one of the Greatest companies around today.
I am so honored to be a part of Something so great.

Thank you for the opportunity, Renee