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Residential Services

SSVA is committed to helping people create homes that work for them, therefore offers a variety of individualized options throughout Coastal and Western parts of Virginia.  All services are Person Centered and utilize Positive Practices to encourage independence, community participation, and happy, healthy lifestyles.


In-Home Residential
In-Home Residential Support from Support Services of Virginia give individuals the opportunity to live in their own or family home. Individuals will receive just the right amount of support needed to be successful while fostering natural connections with the people in their community. SSVA supports those with an ID or DD Waiver (or those able to privately pay) and a minimum need of 30 hours a week, up to 24 hours a day. Services are provided on a 1:1 basis, and positive Staff Matching is a priority.


Sponsored Residential
For those who prefer to have consistent, round-the-clock support available to them, Sponsored Residential services is a positive option. Sponsors open their homes and hearts to individuals receiving ID or DD Waiver services.

Sponsored settings vary based on individual needs and preferences. For example, one person may prefer the independence of having his or her own wing in the home where they reside while another person enjoys being right in the middle of family activities. Sponsors often become second families to those they support, including them in family vacations, holiday celebrations and other events big or small.

Sponsored Residential homes fall under the same regulations and oversight agencies as other waiver-based residential services.


Group Home
For people who prefer group living or perhaps do not have the resources to live alone, Support Services of Virginia provides group home opportunities for individuals living in Coastal and Western Virginia. 

Each home is designed for no more than 4 residents, each with their own private bedroom. Those who choose group home living continue to have the freedom and support to control their own schedules and activities and are encouraged to participate in their community.

SSVA provides group home services to people who have ID Waiver or who meet the criteria for ID Waiver but have an alternate funding source.  SSVA’s group homes are supported 24 hours a day by expertly trained Direct Support Professionals.

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