About Us

SSVA History

Kay Reed Mirick founded SSVA on September 6, 1994 with a unique vision. Kay held the belief that by redefining the concept of service delivery for individuals with disabilities it is possible for them to achieve positive and peaceful lives. Today we celebrate Kay’s vision by improving our corner of the world, encouraging fun and laughter, and always turning negatives into positives.

SSVA is a unique group of Human Services Professionals who have come together for a common purpose – to help make the world a more Positive and Peaceful Place! We come from a wide variety of educational and experiential backgrounds and celebrate our diversity! SSVA fosters a climate of positive energy – although we are dedicated to our profession we are also committed to ensuring that everyone feels welcomed, valued, and a part of our community.

SSVA’s management style is participatory - valuing input from Individuals receiving services, their families and friends, employees, sponsors, other professionals and the community in decision making and service development and expansion. Regardless if you visit our services in Coastal Virginia, the Eastern Shore, or Lynchburg, all employees are expected always use positive practices techniques when interacting with other employees, customers and community members. Each of us at SSVA considers ourselves as equals regardless of title, background, ability and culture.

After a long fight, Kay lost her battle with cancer in July of 2005. Her son, Philip "Chip" Dodd, husband, Paul Mirick and protege, Andie Plumley, stepped up to carry on her vision of providing the best services in the state and play an active role in advocating for the individuals she devoted her life to serving.